Monday, February 18, 2008

KM in corporate R&D

I have been thinking for quite a while about how to go about for Knowledge Management implementation at my workplace। I work for an R&D of one of the premier tractor manufacturers in India.I have been going through various literatures available on KM and have found that capturing the learnings of the engineers is one of the major activities of KM. I too fully agree to it and ventured into KM initiation.Learnings lost due to the high attrition rate of the engineers; non availability of a systematic processing/ capturing of the knowledge (skills and expertise) is on the high.By using the traditional CDS/ISIS software for database development and GENISIS for the dissemination of the captured knowledge, I have initiated my efforts towards knowledge management in my organisation.I would like experts in this area to send in their views and suggestions which would enable me improve my level of knowledge in KM activities and also serve my users well.

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