Sunday, November 22, 2009

KM and Information Services

It makes an interesting reading that KM is an area that needs manpower who understand the importance of sharing knowledge. In its explicit form, knowledge is easily documented, organised and shared. From the perspective of an information professional it is "information or library work" that has been going on since the days of library science education. If information professionals or library professionals understand the essence of KM in a traditional way, all it needs is the mindset to undertake such projects.

Even tacit knowledge that cannot be easily captured or documented; can be easily shared. Networking with users, facilitating networking among users have been one among the initiatives that library or information professionals have been doing since long.

When we see that these band of professionals can take up KM work why is it that industry does not accept this and employ library professionals for KM work. There are only a very few examples that could stand in favour of library or information professionals in India. In addition to change in mindset of library and information professionals, it may require the HR people in industry to open their minds to this cadre of manpower for successful implementation of KM projects.


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Suresh Nair said...

This is indeed an interesting post. I feel besides the top management and HR, it should be the objective of the Library Schools and the Professional Bodies to highlight the competencies of professionals in the field of Library & Information Science. They need to "over-work" to create a demand for the professionals in the job market.