Friday, November 20, 2009

KM for a Manufacturing Company

Any literature on Information or Knowledge says it is power, and harnessing that power is critical in today’s fast-paced, global business environment.

People need to use vital content in strategic, efficient ways to create and support best practices that help companies operate effectively.

Many of the large and small corporate house utilise KM tools to share and protect their knowledge in secure, digital repositories and those are yielding results. As they enhance best practices and performance, they can also create significant efficiencies that dramatically improve their bottom lines.

For a manufacturing unit, it is essential to keep track of many thousands of technical product documents, specifications, procedures and spare parts listings. These can easily be managed and updated, then shared with the people scattered around the globe. The sales team from any location can have immediate access.

Supporting the sales team is of utmost importance, but for them, any product of any quality, a company makes wouldn't sell. They are the face of the organisation, and are the people who are in constant touch with the customers. KM thus helps in Customer Satisfaction - the ultimate aim of existance of any Organisation.

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