Saturday, February 20, 2010

Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises

Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study, conducted by Teleos in association with The KNOW Network. The Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study recognizes organizations that are outperforming their peers in eight dimensions of knowledge management, which are listed below.

Each year, the study seeks nominations of organizations that fit this description. Those submitting nominations receive the executive summary of the MAKE report, which identifies the winners (i.e., the most frequently nominated) as well as trends and findings among the MAKE winners and finalists.

In this part of the world we have -Indian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study again a part of Teleos’ MAKE research program. The Indian MAKE study was established in 2005 to recognize organizations (founded and headquartered in India) for their ability to create shareholder value (or in the case of public and non-profit organizations, to increase stakeholder value) by transforming new as well as existing enterprise knowledge into superior products/ services/ solutions.

The Indian MAKE research is based on the Delphi methodology. This research tool employs an expert panel’s perceptual knowledge to identify critical issues – in the case of the Indian MAKE study to identify those organizations which are leaders in creating organizational intellectual capital and value through the transformation of individual/enterprise knowledge into world-class products/ services/ solutions. After several rounds of deliberation, a consensus is developed among the panel’s experts. It is this consensus of expert opinion which provides the validity to the Delphi and Indian MAKE study results.

An Indian-based panel of Fortune Global 500 senior executives and leading knowledge management and intellectual capital experts selects the Indian MAKE Winners. In the Indian MAKE study there are three rounds of consensus building. In the first round, members of the expert panel nominate enterprises founded and headquartered in India.

From the list of nominees, each member of the expert panel then evaluates and selects a maximum of three organizations as best practice. Those organizations selected by at least 10% of the expert panel are recognized as Indian MAKE Finalists. In the third and final round, the Indian MAKE Finalists are ranked against each of the eight knowledge performance dimensions which form the MAKE framework and are the visible drivers of wealth creation:

• creating a knowledge-driven enterprise culture
• developing knowledge leaders and workers
• innovation (R&D, creativity and new product/solution/service design and delivery)
• maximizing enterprise intellectual capital
• enterprise-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing
• creating a learning organization
• managing customer/stakeholder knowledge
• transforming corporate knowledge into shareholder/stakeholder value

Six organizations repeated as Indian MAKE Winners: Eureka Forbes, Infosys Technologies, MindTree Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Steel and Wipro Technologies. Infosys Technologies was recognized as the overall winner in the 2009 Indian MAKE study. This is the second time that the organization has achieved the first-place ranking.

Teleos, an independent knowledge management and intellectual capital research firm, administers the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) program. The KNOW Network is a Web-based global community of organizations dedicated to achieving superior performance through benchmarking, networking and best practice knowledge sharing.

The MAKE research program, conducted in association with The KNOW Network, consists of the annual Global MAKE study – the international benchmark for world-class knowledge-driven organizations – and regional/national MAKE studies.

The set of 2009 MAKE Reports – Asia, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, North America and Global – is available from Teleos. Each report contains MAKE rankings, metrics, trends and analyses, and profiles of the winners.

The KNOW Network
The KNOW Network is a global Web-based professional knowledge sharing network. Its principal aim is to help you create the best possible level of performance across your organization by building on the know-how and skills of world-class knowledge-driven enterprises.

The KNOW Network is not a ‘talking shop’ or an academic think tank. The KNOW Network focuses exclusively on helping you identify, adopt, manage and improve specific Knowledge Best Practices, ranging from increasing your organization’s Intellectual Capital through Innovation to developing Social Networks to creating a Learning Organization. Using the latest Internet technology, The KNOW Network brings you an array of Web-based services to expand and improve your organization’s performance by:

• developing new insights and strategies based on exclusive access to proprietary research, including the Global and regional Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) studies.

• conducting Organizational Knowledge Audits and Enterprise MAKE Assessments with proprietary KNOW Network tools.

• using The KNOW Network databases of Best Knowledge Practices to conduct regular self-assessment audits and external benchmarking comparisons.

• facilitating the transfer of Best Knowledge Practices quickly and efficiently into your organization.

• contacting the best minds in knowledge organizations around the world.

• learning from KNOW Network members with relevant expertise and experience – they will be happy to share it with you.

• keeping in touch with the latest thinking and approaches to knowledge creation, sharing and use.

• integrating your knowledge management practices into overall enterprise strategy.

"Innovation and speed have become the key differentiators in the market place and improvements in knowledge management processes in our companies is central to their being innovative and nimble footed." says Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Group.

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