Saturday, July 30, 2011

Building a business case for KM success

A business case enables KMer to articulate how the organization will profit from knowledge sharing and collaboration. Strong business cases are more likely to receive support and funding because, if you’re going to invest money, you want to make sure you get a deliverable and accountability. KMers can ensure their business cases attract interest by speaking to issues management cares about, such as:

1. How will the KM program help the organisation’s knowledge flow?
2. Will it allow the organization to innovate better/ faster/ cheaper?
3. Will it lead to process improvements?
4. Will it help us get products and services to customers more easily?

Instead of making vague claims or enumerating every potential benefit of KM, the business case should focus on specific goals the organization hopes to achieve. This helps ensure that the Km tactics being implemented are linked to targeted objectives and aligned with the organisation’s overall strategic direction.

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